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How do I care for my shirt?

Machine wash cold, inside out. Tumble dry or hang to dry. No fabric softener, bleach, or ironing.

How do I care for my tumblers?

Hand wash only. None of our tumblers are dishwasher safe. Heat will comprise the image.

What are the brands of shirts you use?

We use Gildan Heavy Cotton tees (100% cotton) or Gildan Softstyle (65% polyester and 35% cotton). A very popular choice is the 100% Cotton Comfort Colors tees (regular colors or Color Blast). We also may use Bella+Canvas, Jerzee, LAT, Next Level, etc. Crewneck sweatshirts and hoodies are generally GIldan (50/50), unless OOS (next Jerzee or Hanes) or otherwise specified by customer. Crew neck sweatshirts and hoodies in Bella+Canvas, Comfort Colors, or Independent Trading Co, are great quality and will reflect a substantial price increase compared to Gildan.

Do you Sell decals?

Yes!! We use UVDTF Decals. These are extremely durable and amazing quality. You may order a tumbler for example and have us apply the decals to the tumbler or another option is orders just the decals and apply to whatever substrate you choose at home. Application instructions will be provided on site and in package. They are easy to apply. Even though UVDTF is extremely durable and a major upgrade from vinyl decals, we still recommend hand wash to increase/prolong the life of your decal (s). Decals can be made into any design you see on the tees or hats posted on website or my Facebook group/page. They are glossy and very vibrant! 

How do you make your items and which process is used?

We use the method of DTF (Direct to Film) on apparel and occasionally sublimation and vinyl on other substrates.


  • DTF is a water based ink transfer pressed onto the shirt. It has recently became popular due to its ability to be put on any type or color shirt. It has a soft touch feel on the top of the shirt. These are peel and crack proof when pressed correctly, and cared for correctly. DTF transfers alow any color print to be pressed on any color/material shirt. DTF allows endless options. My prints are ordered from Dallas and printed on large industrial/commercial printer, NOT A SMALL CONVERTED PRINTER OR BY USING SOME SORT OF DTF HACK. They are great quality!

  • Sublimation is used on our 20oz tumblers. Sublimation is still available upon request for customers who enjoy absolutely "no feel image" on their tee. Just keep in mind, the sublimation method is only vibrant and effective on tees that are poly-rich, NOTHING lower than 50/50. The higher the poly count the more vibrant the image. Also, sublimation for tees can ONLY be sucessfully pressed on LIGH colors, such as white, ash, yellow, etc. It is impossible to sublimate on dark colors such as black ( ink is translucent) and white ink does not exist nor is an option with sublimation.

Is there still something you need answering? Get in touch and we’ll help you out as soon as possible.

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