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How do I care for my shirt?

Machine wash cold, inside out. Tumble dry or hang to dry. No fabric softener, bleach, or ironing.

How do I care for my tumblers?

Hand wash only. None of our tumblers are dishwasher safe. Heat will comprise the image.

What are the brands of shirts you use?

We use Gildan Softstyle 64000, 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Due to frequent out-of-stock items, we may also use Tultex 241, Bella+Canvas 3001CVC, Comfort Colors or Jerzee 21M.Our tank tops are Bella+Canvas or Next Level. Our crewneck sweatshirts/hoodies are Gildan 18000, Jerzee Nu-Blend, Hanes Eco-Soft, or Port & Company.

How do you make your items and which process is used?

We use the method of sublimation and DTF Printing.


  • Sublimation is the transition of a substance directly from a solid-state to a gas state. We use a sublimation printer, special paper and ink to print your image. We then press it at at very high temperature using a heat press or convection oven for tumblers. Shirts used for sublimation must be polyester or polyester blend. Sublimation ink only adheres to polyester fibers. The lighter the color of the shirt and higher percentage of polyester in the shirt, the more vibrant the image. For reference we cannot sublimate on black fabric or print with white ink. We also do not use 100% cotton shirts. The image will wash out. Sublimation ink is transparent. We never use poly acrylic sprays.

  • DTF is a water based ink transfer pressed onto the shirt. It has recently became popular due to it's ability to be put on any type or color shirt. It has a soft touch feel on the top of the shirt.

Is there still something you need answering? Get in touch and we’ll help you out as soon as possible.

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